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まどか by わたあめ on pixiv


まどか by わたあめ on pixiv


This art killed me a bit.

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sparkling/flowery background appreciation photoset

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a cutie killua that spent all his money on candies - hxh 1999

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Along with the Pikachu Oops! spin-off, Pokemon Center exclusive ORAS starters and legendaries (Groudon and Kyogre) plush, and ORAS starters 1:1 size plush release, the ORAS games, and the limited edition New 3DS with special Groudon/Kyogre plates officially went on pre-order today.

The Center opened up at 8:45 am (official opening time is 10 am!) When I entered at 8:45, it was fairly empty, but by the time 10 am came around, it was jam packed full of people. Also, for reasons I will never understand, the queue for simply pre-ordering the games was the same queue for the people pre-ordering the 3DS systems, which meant the line was horrendously long (roughly 3 plus hours).

More pictures coming soon!